What You Need To Know About RRR Credit Alert To Beneficiaries

We noticed that some of you are asking questions regarding the RRR credit alert been received by the RRR beneficiaries so we decided to create this post to keep you updated.

The Beneficiaries of the RRR are those who Apply To Be On The Rapid Response Register RRR To Get Govt Support

The Rapid Response Register is an intervention by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development, centred on urban and semi-urban areas that are economically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The target group includes the urban poor and vulnerable population not yet supported through the existing National Social Safety Nets Project (NASSP), non-traditional poor in urban and peri-urban high-density locations and/or slums impacted by COVID-19.


Also, those low-income earners involved in the informal sector who may have lost their income opportunities are eligible for registration into the Rapid Response Register.


If received a credit alert stating RRR COVID-19 support, then know that it is because you applied for the RRR government support fund. However, if you want to benefit and yet to apply, read this Apply To Be On The Rapid Response Register RRR To Get Govt Supportday’s Latest Npower news For Saturday 19th March 2022, we will be updating you on trending activities about the Npower and Nexit Programme. So read on!

Firstly, we will like to begin with the latest update given by Nasims regarding the payment of January Stipend. Following the call by Npower batch C beneficiaries for management to state the exact date fixed for January payment, Nasims has shared a post stating that they can’t tell the exact date for January Stipend payment.

On the other hand, Nexit applicants who has concluded their CBN entrepreneurship Nexit loan orientation training displayed the training certificate issued to them after their training. The first batch training which is ongoing is scheduled in batches accordance with the edi agency training plan.

According to the Npower Nexit Scheme management, the second batch training will commence after the first batch concludes their training.

For Applicants asking for Npower batch C stream 2, the story still remain the same. Your shortlisting is in progress and Npower management will notify all successfully Shortlisted applicants in due time.

To prospective Npower applicants, you are advised to disregard any information regarding Npower batch D recruitment. Npower is not conducting any batch D registration. Be guided so as not to be scammed.

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