How to View SSL Certificate Details in Google Chrom

The SSL certificates are essential for HTTPS and modern encryption to work correctly. Google Chrome has occasionally changed where you can view the SSL certificate of the website you’re visiting. See how you can view it below.



How to View SSL Certificates in Google Chrome

Google Chrome originally let you view SSL certificates by clicking on the lock icon near the address bar, but moved the feature around Chrome 55. In modern versions of Google Chrome, the details of the SSL certificate have been returned to the lock icon. This was tested on Chrome 99 in March 2022.

Click the small lock icon at the left-hand side of the address bar, then click the message that says “Connection is secure.”

Click “Certificate is Valid” to see more information.

Click "Certificate is valid."

The SSL certificate for the website in this case Facebook will be appear in a new popup.

SSL certificates are not perfect, but SSL certificates and HTTPS are a major improvement over conventional HTTP.

Always be cognizant of the website you’re connected to though it isn’t common, it is possible for a fraudulent website to be issued an SSL certificate



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