How to Apply for The Next Economy Program 2022 For Young Nigerians

The Next Economy empowers youth in Nigeria, Mali, Somaliland, Somalia to unleash their talents, build their confidence and hone the skills they need for a successful career in a job or as an entrepreneur. To accommodate the diverse ambitious of young people entering the labor market, together with our local partners we offer different programmes.


After The Next Economy “the orginal” (2015-2019)  we can continue for another four years with The Next Economy, phase 2 (2020-2023).

Young people are empowered to transition from education to working life through employment opportunities or entrepreneurial ventures.


Next Economy will run programs in: Lagos, Abuja, Jos (Nigeria), Bamako (Mali), Hargeisa (Somaliland), Mogadishu (Somalia).

The Next Economy is an initiative of SOS Children’s Villages, Crosswise Works and GoodUp. The programme is made possible by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Next Economy Consists of 4 Specific Training Modules:

  1. Core Life Skills Training: it’s all about communication skills, how to present yourself, team work and self-reflection. The trainings will help you succeed in the job market. After these trainings you can select to go further in Employability Training or Entrepreneurship Training.
  2. Employability Training: these courses provide a mixture of soft and job readiness skills and support your entry into the labour market. You’ll obtain relevant skills required for employment in a company and are trained in the full cycle of job application. You will be prepared for the internship programme. Through individual support provided by a coach, you critically reflect on your personal career perspectives and identify opportunities for an internship or learning-on-the-job.
  3. Entrepreneurship Training: It begins with entrepreneurship training on business canvasses, financial management, and product management. You are creating your own opportunity in the market. After completion you can start crowdfunding as a test for the viability of your business idea.
  4. Incubation Training: moving your business idea into a solid foundation that can expand and grow. These trainings focus on sustaining and growing businesses and seeks to make them profitable such that they are able to hire new employees. Participants will be selected and this involves a check of their business plan, an assessment of human resources, and check of finances.

Eligibilty Crtieria

  • Applicant must be aNigerian
  • Applicant should be between 18-35 Years

Registration for Core Life Skills Training in now OPEN


Click Here to Register

For more information, visit The Next Economy.


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