Ebuka Reveals Why He Sprinkles Some African Proverbs While Hosting BBNaija Live Shows In New Documentary

Ebuka Reveals Why He Sprinkles Some African Proverbs While Hosting BBNaija Live Shows In New Documentary

It was 2018 and Ebuka showed up in a nicely embroidered purple agbada which broke the internet and led young men back to their tailors to recreate his style. As you might remember, this didn’t end too well for some who got something entirely different from what they ordered.


Ebuka-Obi Uchendu, NET Honours 2021 winner of the Most Popular Male Media Personality category, started his career as a Lawyer before appearing on the first season of ‘Big Brother Nigeria’ as a housemate. Although he didn’t win the show, he remains one of the most notable names from that BBNaija season.


And like many other ex-housemates who do a great job of maximising the opportunity gotten from being on the platform, Ebuka’s journey in the world of media and showbiz began. In fact, according to the first BBNaija report published by Plaqad, Ebuka currently has the most social media following when compared to all past contestants of the show.

If you look closely, you’ll find out that he didn’t just arrive as the five-time host of Africa’s most-watched reality TV show, Big Brother Naija. From Friend or Foe to the GLO show, then Rubbin Minds, The Spot, Men’s Corner, and many more entertainment roles he has embraced, every aspect of his life seemed to have been preparing him for his first time on the big stage in 2017 when BBNaija returned for its second season. And to date, several factors have helped him ace his role on that stage even as he hosted BBNaija Season 6.

For Ebuka to succeed in those big shoes that he seems to be rocking effortlessly, he has had to master the art of connecting with fans of the show as well as the housemates. Some people like to think that his time as a housemate several years ago has given him an edge with the way he interacts with them during the live shows. Announcing the eviction of a housemate isn’t as easy as Ebuka makes it look but with every eviction, he has the perfect words to make them feel positive and prepared for what’s to come.

Apart from being very stylish and looking elegant in literally every attire he shows up in, another thing that distinguishes Ebuka is his use of proverbs just before he says good night to the BBNaija housemates during live shows. After the second eviction show of the ‘Shine Ya Eye’ season, housemates hailed him after he said, ‘you no fit squeeze water from eba wey you don make.’ He dropped this line as he admonished them to leave the past behind and look unto the future.

Now live on insidebbnaija.com, watch Ebuka in ‘BBNaija: The Fame, The Fans, The Frenzy’ as he reveals what goes on behind the scene of these shows, the significance of his traditional staff, and how he comes up with some of those hilarious proverbs he uses to end his show every Sunday

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