Career Opportunities at Landmark University

We delighted to inform the general public that Landmark University 2022 recruitment portal is currently open for application and the school management invites interested and qualified persons who wish to build and advance their careers to submit an application of their preferred position

Landmark University is a private University approved by the Federal Government of Nigeria, established by World Mission Agency, which is an arm of the Living Faith Church Worldwide. As an apex educational institution, it is focused on teaching, learning, research, and community service by promoting a lasting culture of excellence for the advancement of humanity. The campus is IT – driven, which empowers every focused academic towards achieving a fulfilled career experience.

We are recruiting to fill the following positions below:

1.) Professor (International Relations)

2.) Professor (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

3.) Professor (Economics)

4.) Professor (Civil Engineering)

5.) Professor (Physical Sciences)

6.) Professor (Animal Science)

7.) Associate Professor (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

8.) Associate Professor (International Relations)

9.) Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

10.) Associate Professor (Civil Engineering)

11.) Professor (Physical Sciences)

12.) Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

13.) Professor (Crop & Soil Sciences)

14.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

15.) Senior Lecturer (Civil Engineering)

16.) Associate Professor (Economics)

17.) Professor (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

18.) Professor (Biological Sciences)

19.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

20.) Associate Professor (Physical Sciences)

21.) Associate Professor (Mass Communication)

22.) Lecturer I (Civil Engineering)

23.) Senior Lecturer (Physical Sciences)

24.) Senior Lecturer (Economics)

25.) Software Developer / Engineer

26.) Associate Professor (Biological Sciences)

27.) Professor (Biological Sciences)


28.) Associate Professor (Mechatronics Engineering)

29.) Lecturer II (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

30.) Professor (Food Science and Nutrition)

31.) Associate Professor (Biological Sciences)

32.) Lecturer II (Physical Sciences)

33.) Lecturer II (Civil Engineering)


34.) Associate Professor (Food Science and Nutrition)

35.) Lecturer I (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

36.) Senior Lecturer (Biological Sciences)

37.) Lecturer I (Physical Sciences)

38.) Associate Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

39.) Senior Lecturer (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

40.) Senior Lecturer (Food Science and Nutrition)

41.) Professor (Sociology)

42.) Professor (Mass Communication)

43.) Associate Professor (Physical Sciences)

44.) Associate Professor (Agricultural Economics and Extension)

45.) Professor (Electrical and Information Engineering)

46.) Lecturer II (Sociology)

47.) Lecturer I (Biological Sciences)

48.) Professor (Accounting and Finance)

49.) Lecturer I (Food Science and Nutrition)

50.) Professor (Mechanical Engineering)

51.) Associate Professor (Electrical and Information Engineering)

52.) Senior Lecturer (Physical Sciences)

53.) Associate Professor (Crop & Soil Sciences)

54.) Associate Professor (Accounting and Finance)

55.) Lecturer II (Animal Science)

56.) Lecturer II (Biological Sciences)

57.) Senior Lecturer (Mechanical Engineering)

58.) Senior Lecturer (International Relations)

59.) Lecturer II (Accounting and Finance)

60.) Senior Lecturer (Electrical and Information Engineering)

61.) Senior Lecturer (Crop & Soil Sciences)

62.) Senior Lecturer (Accounting and Finance)

Location: Kwara

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply


Application Deadline 14th May, 2022


We wish you all the best….kindly share, you might help someone get a job


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