A Review Of Top 8 Boarding Schools In Washington

A Review Of Top 8 Boarding Schools In Washington

A Review Of Top 8 Boarding Schools In Washington.

A Review Of Top 8 Boarding Schools In Washington

The vision for an education system where students can learn in a separate (personalized) environment was birthed by the Washington State Board of Education. They established a pathways that prepare students for civic engagement, careers, postsecondary education, and lifelong learning, not excluding set goals and priorities to realize this vision.

There are over 400, 000 private and boarding schools in Washington. Boarding schools conduct programs of all grades from 1-12. Note that accreditation is voluntary for public, private, and boarding schools in Washington, and this is because accreditation isn’t a state-required process. In Washington, high school boarding students have the option of utilizing the state’s Running Start program, this program was Initiated by the state legislature in 1990. Boarding Schools in Washington offer elite-level education and self-growth that help students have a successful future.

Consider Attending a Boarding School

The difference is always clear when you do a comparison between a boarding school student with a normal day student. This is due to the numerous activities, programs, and difficulties that boarding students undergo each day, it has greatly offered them an advantage over day students.

Additionally, boarding schools have other good benefits for the students, actually until you visit one yourself, you may not really understand the depth of these effects. Some of the key reasons why a child should attend a boarding school include the following:


1. Independence gained

2. Less distractions to help effective learning

Costs of boarding schools in Washington

In Washington, the average boarding school costs about $50,875 per year, this data is according to the Boarding School Review. However, certain additional costs apply, and they’re associated with a child’s education, such as nutrition, books etc. In the case of financial constraints, you can inquire if the school offers financial aid or payment plans. Please note that costs of attending boarding schools vary, it depends on the level of your education and the quality of your amenities.

Our List of Top 8 boarding schools in the city of Washington

This list includes the available top boarding schools in Washington state for you to explore. Continue reading to get more information.

1. The Northwest School (Washington)

Northwest School was created by Benjamin Benschneide, the school is a mixed-age private school with 6 to 12 classes for middle and high school students. Over the years, the school has earned a reputation for exceptional academic accomplishment. It is a fact that Northwest School is the only international boarding school in Washington that welcomes students from all over the world. This is done through offthe erring parable tuition and financial aid to students from other countries and states.

Asides from academics, the school has a well well-organizedorts program that includes both standard and unusual activities such as curling.

2. Annie Wright Schools

This is a private boarding school in Washington, Annie Weight Schools is located in the city of Tacoma. Class hours are usually 5 to 6 hours daily during the academic school year, which lasts 174 calendar days. Annie Weight boasts of 63.4 full-time equivalent teachers on staff to educate the four hundred and three pupils, in other words, it is a ratio of 6.36 student-to-teacher.

Amazingly, these Schools have low tuition, It also has a strong sports program as well as a diverse selection of art and music.

3. Master’s Ranch: West (Washington)

This might sound funny to you but West is a Christian military school and ranch for troubled boys between the ages of nine and seventeen, It is a well well-structuredstian housing program. Master’s Ranch programs are designed to meet the needs of specific students and their families who are dealing with severe problems and living situations. This school is specially designed for boys who are having problems at home, or with the law, they simply provide the boys with 24-hour mentorship and a structured military style. They have sports Activities as well that students can use to relax and have fun.


4. Spring Street International School

The Spring Street school operates a multicultural boarding school system. Spring Street International School offers a vibrant academic atmosphere in a safe, rural location. They help students to develop a strong passion for learning while preparing for college success. They engage in excursions and traveling for personal development and experiences. Students are imbibed with a mindset of seeing themselves, family their es, and their communities as part of a much bigger world.

5. Upper Columbia Academy

UCA as it’s mostly called is a boarding school for students in grades 9 through 12 located in Spangle, Washington which is about 20 miles south of Spokane. Upper Columbia is owned and managed by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their tuition fee is around $9,847 per year and they have a 90% acceptance rate with an average of 25 students per class who consider consideredidered

6. St. Michael’s Academy

This Academy is a Catholic day boarding school for boys and girls in grades kindergarten through 12th grade. The school is operated by the Congregation of Mary Immaculate Queen. This obligates parents and students to make a commitment to Catholic education and participate in the Christian development process. This school is purely dedicated to the task of knowing, loving, and serving God which is unending.

7. Kennedy Catholic High School.

8. Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart, Bellevue.

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